Ladies and gentleman, the drinks are on ice, the mics are hot and the cameras are rolling! This is the

Mics and Beers podcast!




Welcome to the official page of the Mics and Beers podcast! This is a monthly show hosted by TJ Hodder Ryan "Craft Woody" and Sam Luxton! 

Featuring uncensored 

conversations had by friends while enjoying a few adult beverages! We cover a wide variety of topics, you never truly know what your going to get with us! But you can rest assured it's going to be a damn good time!

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The Offical Mics and Beers Drinking Game

Want to join in on the fun?? Grab a drink and play along!

Drink Anytime:

  • TJ Laughs at his own joke

  • Woody is mean for no reason (unless it was funny)

  • Sam tells Woody to shut the fuck up

  • Plugs of any kind

  • Anyone lies or embellishes a story and get called out

  • Anyone snorts

  • Awkward silences

  • Someone tells a horrible story

  • Anytime TJ laughs uncontrollably

  • Woody or someone has to break the seal

  • Sam licks the mic

  • A guest tries to "take over" and gets called out for it 

  • Someone drops, spills or their beer is somehow compromised 

  • The episode ends

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